Top 5 ways to use social media to grow your brand in 2018


2018 is literally the year of going viral and I want to show you how. It's time to stop scrolling and start doing. When is the last time you shared a post that had a million views or shook your head at the fact you don't have as many followers as your competitors. 

Well lucky for you I have the top 5 things you can do to start gaining the exposure you deserve. First, let's look at the type of content you're posting. I run into so many clients that say why am I not growing my following, no one like my pictures, and I'm not receiving not one comment. The answer is simple, if you're not getting any engagement that's because you're not posting information that's considered valuable to your audience and potential customers. 

Let's jump into what you should be doing NOW to create grow your brand in 2018:


Let's start with Instagram. There are two different accounts that you may be seeing, personal and business. If you are running a business from a personal account then you are already doing things wrong. Changing your account to a business profiled allows for you to use Instagram's built in analytics to know more about your followers. The analytics feature is really cool because it allows you to track your engagement rate and determine if what you're posting matter to your followers. You even get to see demographics, age, and location. These are things that you can't get from a personal profile, so if you if haven't done so already, please change to a business profile. Moving on to Facebook. We all know that Facebook bought out Instagram so of course you also have access to the same analytics that you may see on Instagram. 


It's also very important that you have the same profile image across each of your social channels. If you have a company logo then I recommend using your logo as your profile image so your customers can easily identify your brand. If you are currently 5 different platforms then all images should be the same. 


Have you ever saw a bio that says something about a business but doesn't tell their followers what to do? A call to action can be something simple simple as " Join our newsletter, Visit our website, or check out our latest product launch " . Having a simple call to actions acts a sales funnel to lead your followers or new profile viewer to a next step. You never want to leave them with nothing to do. 


Each platform is different in it's own way. I see so many business making the mistake of having their social media channels look like nothing but advertisements. Want to know a secret? You're doing it all wrong. When people are getting on social media, they are not going on there to look at ads. So you know what you have to do as a business owner. Fit in and actually tell your story, entertain, and provide value without coming across as corporate. Social media is used to be fun so position your business that way. 


There is a difference between your company or brand website and social media. As a business owner you use your website to discuss things in a corporate manner, but on social media it's a different playing fun so lighten up. Don't you love to see funny meme's? So does your customers. Be fun, make your customers laugh, provide value, and promote your services in a way that fit in to what your customers scroll past on a daily. 

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