5 Ways To Use Instagram To Make Money Moves

Image: Girlboss

Image: Girlboss

It's official. Businesses and people can actually make money from Instagram, and I'm talking 6-figure incomes. The best part about Instagram, it's a free marketing platform and open to anyone who creates an account. 

Here are five actionable tips you can take to start making extra cash! Who's ready? Read on...

1. Nail down what it is that you offer. 

If you're reading this then I'm assuming you're a business owner or you generally want to make money on Instagram. At this point, you should know what you are selling or offering. Don't have a clue? Turn your passion, hobby, or skills into a service, have strong promotion via social media, and make money!  

2. Know who you are talking to.

Once you have your product, then you have to think about your customer or follower. What is it they do on a daily? What type of things are they interested in? Find out these answers, and then give your followers what they want. Be apart of their everyday lives by asking them questions, telling them your personal or brand story and enticing them with giveaways. 

3. Create original and engaging content

Spend time on crafting out your content and always remember the 80/20 rule. 80% of your post should be non promotional and the following 20% should be promotional. Start by looking at your account from a business perspective. For example, you can show off images of your customers using your product, engaging with your service, or behind the scenes of how your product is made. Next, you can follow up with a promotional post that highlight your product to generate revenue.

You also want to develop a consistent theme and stick with at least one scheduled post per day.Consistency is very important because it allows you to build a relationship with you followers. When you build a relationship, and show how your product can be of value, your followers will be happy to buy into what you have to sale. 

4. Use relevant hashtags.

While showcasing your business and what you have to offer, you should always seek additional exposure. A great way to generate more exposure is through niche specific hashtags. To find relevant hashtags, you will have to research the top keywords in your industry and apply them to your hashtag list. If you continue this strategy, you will gain additional followers, turn them into buyers and create a cash flowing machine. 

5. Craft a powerful bio.

When was the last time you put effort into your bio? Take an analysis of your current bio and answer these following questions: Do you list what industry you are in? Did you mention your services or product and how it can help anyone that follows your account? Do you have a call to action, calling them to visit your website and shop? 

The more clear and straight to the point your Instagram bio, the easier it will be for you to start making income from Instagram. If you want your Instagram to turn a stranger into a loyal follower it starts with your bio, creating engaging content, and being consistent.  (Strangers to your business), and once you have them in, provide value, then sale. 


Instagram can be a very resourceful way to make money and build a following. However, before you begin to see real sales you have to put in the groundwork. Once you worked on building an audience of engaged followers there's no reason why you can't use Instagram as a way to increase your income. 

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