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How to prepare your business for if Facebook and Instagram shuts down again
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Did you wake up yesterday to post or check status updates only to find an error message? At first you may have thought you needed to update your app or refresh your feed. But no! Globally, Facebook and Instagram were both shut down for hours. This brings us to the point of how to prepare your business if this happens again. What would you have done if you lost all of your followers and no way to connect with your audience? If you don’t the answer then continue reading.

Yes followers are great, but the best way to be prepared for another shutdown is to SECURE THE DATA. A great way to gather data is by having an email list. Think of when you visit a brands website and within seconds theres a pop up asking for your email. In exchange for your email they provide a discount or any other special promotion. You can do the same with you brand. The goal is to turn your followers into subscribers. If a shutdown was to happen again you can have access to their data.

Below are 4 email marketing softwares for you to start SECURING THE DATA:


MailChimp is personally my favorite on this list. It’s FREE when you have under 2,000 subscribers, user friendly, and comes equipped with tools and resources for small to large size businesses.

2.Constant Contact

If your goal is to create easy email marketing campaigns, and fast then give Constant Contact a try. Need more convincing? See how it works here.


ActiveCampaign is for more than just email marketing. Its platform can also used as a CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) tool that provides customer feedback in realtime. If you have a E-commerce brand it also connects with Shopify along with other popular apps.


ConvertKit is ideal for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs who work on their passions full-time. Which is why their platform comes with a price tag of a minimum of $29 per month. There’s also free 14 day trial period.