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Business Bestie Speed Networking at Studio G Chicago

This Past weekend our founder Covania Washington produced a networking event alongside fashion stylist, Danielle Vonkeller titled 'Business Bestie Speed Networking' at Studio G Chicago. We also had the pleasure of having an amazing panel of entrepreneurs from Chicago including Resa B. Luster of Luster Products and founders of Rare Vodka Kim and Tonesha.


The event was filled with food, cocktails, conversation and endless connections. This was truly a moment for women entrepreneurs from Chicago to learn how to start a business, grow their business and the importance of having a "Business Bestie" or business partner.


When guest arrived each person had to sign in and everyone was encouraged to mingle before the start of our panel discussion. After the informative and motivating panel was an hour session of speed networking. Each participant had three minutes to get the know the person in front of them before switching to a new Business Bestie. Following the end of the fun and interactive networking session, everyone had the chance to follow up with who they enjoyed speaking with the most. This was done in the form of exchanging business cards, contact information etc.


The goal of the event was to create an opportunity for everyone in attendance to be inspired to boss up and make new connections, and the response we had was off the charts!


Thanks so much for everyone who attended and a special thanks to our sponsors: Luster Products, Rare Vodka, Cakes of Praise, and Studio G Chicago.


We are thinking about making this an event a series so if you will be interested in updates, sign up for our newsletter or let us know in the comments!


Until then, remember to create the life your love and live Bomb and Bossy!

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Bomb & Bossy Approved: Wired The Design Boutique Vol. 1 Fashion Show

At the start of the year I decided that I would attend at least a few fashion shows per month on behalf of Bomb & Bossy and promote them on our blog. I kicked off the year by showing up to Wired The Design Boutique's volume one fashion show, where Safaree of Love & Hip Hop was the host, alongside Blake Martin of Blake Martin Productions  



From the moment I walked into the door I knew this event was Bomb & Bossy approved. I would have captured some shots at the step and repeat but the food and drinks in the VIP section were calling my name. I also had a slight cold the night of the show so I wanted to get warm and settle in. 



Like any fashion show, guest came dressed in their Sunday's best, or shall I say Friday's best. But none of these looks topped the styles presented on the runway. Looks were broken down into scenes, and of them all, lace was my favorite. I didn't get many pictures of the models in each piece but you can find their latest collection on their website. 



If you're looking for high end looks without breaking the bank then you should check our their boutique. They have been in business for a little over a year now and so far they are breaking down fashion walls. 



This is only the beginning and I see more success coming for their business. They are ran by a team of a amazing people! To Ronnie, thanks for allowing B&B to grace the presence and be a part of your special night. You have a great venture in your hands and i wish you nothing but the best! 



This message has been Bomb & Bossy approved! Do you have a business event that you think we approve of? We want to come and show our faces so contact us today! We are all about leveling up and supporting one another.