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Bomb and Bossy Business: Studio G is a Women only Coworking Space Providing Resources for Chicago Girl Bosses

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular. The main goal is typically to provide a space for start up entrepreneurs to get work done without the hustle and bustle of a cafe. That's also apart of the mission for Studio G, a women only coworking space on the south side of Chicago. 

This past weekend Bomb and Bossy had the pleasure of attending Studio G's press party during their free coworking week where ZhaZha Cassanova is the founder.

In an Interview with CBS Local Cassanova stated " We are ready to speak up for ourselves, we are being unapologetically ourselves." CBS Local also called it a "Boys club of business." After spending the day there we can definitely agree with both statements.


There was plenty of networking going on between Girl Bosses who own businesses or who are inspiring to own a business.

This event provided women across the city of Chicago the opportunity to mingle and make new connections. There was also a very inspiring panel discussion where speakers spoke on business, finances, and dealing with work life balance as an entrepreneur.


From left to right, we heard from Gabriela Garcia founder of Modern Brown Girl, Makeda Smith of CEO Chicks, Kristin Anderson of Merrill Lynch, and ZhaZha Casanova founder of Studio G and moderator of the event. 


We can most certainly see Studio G disrupting the coworking industry in the coming years! At a time where entrepreneurship is on the rise Casanova saw there was a need for this space in Chicago.

Bomb and Bossy will like to salute the Studio G team for creating a space for women to get work done while also having support from other women. 


This is something that is most certainly needed within our communities and we encourage our readers to become a member.

The benefits are having a personal workspace, support from fellow girl bosses, bomb ass wifi, happy hour on Friday's plus more. Who doesn't love all of that?

If you're interested visit their website for more details!

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Bomb and Bossy BUSINESS: The L.E.G.A.C.Y Awards Gala Aims to Celebrate Black Entrepreneur's

This past weekend Bomb and Bossy was invited to The L.E.G.A.C.Y Awards Gala. Both WDB Marketing and BLUE1647 partnered to bring change by celebrating the Black business community. This was an inspiring night filled with networking, food, music, cocktails and total empowerment if you let it take you there. 

Meet the girl boss in charge of the event,Keeana Barber, CEO of WDB Marketing and Founder of the LEGACY Awards, orchestrated the Gala to support Black entrepreneurs in Chicago. Barber felt it was a strong need to celebrate others after ten years of working with more than 2,000 business owners. Continue reading to see how she's using the event to fill a void in the African American business community.



The event was used as the perfect platform to bring together African American entrepreneurs. Here I am photoed with Author and Co-Founder of Miss Jessie's, Miko Branch, who was also the Featured Keynote Speaker. 


It was truly an honor to experience the rush of connecting with as many people as possible, snagging interviews, and capturing exclusive moments all while celebrating the Honorees, and voting for the Emerging Youth $5,000 Awards. All of which salutes to L.E.G.A.C.Y. (Leadership – Education – Growth – Achievement – Community – Youth). 


Throughout the hustle and bustle of networking, I had the chance to catch up with Dr. Jeffery Sterling for an EXCLUSIVE interview. He spoke on entrepreneurship and how these type of events make an impact on Black entrepreneurs. This was his response:

"Recognition of additional individuals who have already made it and paved the way really can serve as inspiration to individuals who may won't know that such things are possible."

See our full video interview here.


Attending this event also allowed me to discover the true importance of networking and making an impact in your community. Within four hours I managed to connect with over 30+ Black business owners who are all doing BIG things! Cheers to connections!


Everyone was in the building serving black excellence and I loved it! Bomb and Bossy will most certainly be at next year's event! Want to see more behind the scenes images?

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