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5 Things I Learned About Entrepreneurship At The 2019 #ByobRetreat

Atlanta was the place to be this past weekend because of the second annual Build Your Own Brand Retreat ( #ByobRetreat ). The 2.5 day conference was a chance for entrepreneurs to network, connect and learn from branding professionals, influencers and experts. The retreat took place at the Hilton in Atlanta and was perfect to accommodate 2,000+ attendees. 


Here’s 5 things I learned from the #ByobRetreat for entrepreneurs: 

 1. Community over Competition 

Before attending the conference you have to be ready to network and have an open mind. If you do so, then you will have the opportunity to connect with your next potential client, business partner or friend. Everyone there understood that no one is in competition. So it kept the energy in the room on a High.  

2.  Give yourself permission to be great 

You have to believe in your brand and stay consistent. Even though there are people who may seem like their success came overnight, don’t get caught in the spiral of moving too fast. Focus less on the competition and more on what makes your business the greatest and stay consistent.

3.  Champions never stop practicing 

Dia Simmons of Commbs Enterprises mentioned during her talk, even when you are good at something, never stop practicing. Never get comfortable with the work you’re doing and challenge yourself to think outside of the box and beyond your imagination.  

4.  It’s not about the bag, it’s about the purpose

Karen Civil mentioned that, at the beginning of entrepreneurship, when money starts coming in, it can be easy to go after the money. But as you grow and get closer to your purpose, it will no longer be about the bag.  


5.   Zone in and focus on yourself

Have you ever heard that, at the top it can be lonely? I can agree that It can be lonely for a moment where you’re working on yourself. However, In your entrepreneurship journey you should have a circle of five friends that can hold you accountable, and connect you with new resources, or provide you advice.  

Want to see more from the retreat? Scroll through the slideshow below to see someone of my favorite moments. Enjoyed this blog post? Share on your social platforms and follow @bombandbossy for more.