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Emil Socialize on the influence of UK sneaker culture on the US.

I don’t know if you noticed but the sneaker industry has been on a rise. High end brands such as Gucci to Zara are adopting the trend and offering them in array of unique styles. 

For US consumers they are known to us as comfort. But to the UK culture, trainers are a way to identify one with their generation. I sat with UK sneaker collector, Emil Socialize, and producer of the United Kingdom's first documentary about UK’s sneaker culture, Soleseekers. He spoke with Bomb and Bossy about the influence UK has on the US, his sneaker collection, plus what he wants us to take from the film. 


Q: You’re here to present your film Sole Seekers, tell me what was you inspiration behind it? 


A: The inspiration behind sole seekers was my love of shoes and the fact that UK wasn't represented in global sneaker culture, or trainer culture. I wanted to do something that highlighted the UK's influence and presence. Something basically for the UK.

Q: Tell us about your sneaker collection. Is it a huge walk in closet? Right now you’re rocking off white. 

A: I've got way to many shoes in my house it's now a problem. There's so many more shoes that I want I moved about three or four times in the last few years and I've got shoes everywhere. My mother called me and she said come get your shoes, and she piled up these shoes. I got about 600 pairs at her house. Yea.. way to many shoes. 

Q: At what age where you when you realized I’m a sneaker head? 

A:You know what.. In the UK the term sneaker became new to us, we never used that. When we were like ten or eleven that's when we became fashion conscious with school. We would like certain shoes or certain things in certain colors and we wanted to get the latest ones. It was school; it was a bore. I was eleven, I wasn't going to GQ or Fader. I saw something on TV so that's where that came from.

Q: What is it you want us to take from this documentary?

A: From the US point of view I want you to see the UK point of view. I want you to see the differences and the similarities.  I want to try to bridge the gap if I can. We are bombarded with US culture, US tv shows, US fashion. But it's the european influence that I'm trying to capture as well. I'm trying to spread the message

Soleseekers premiered at The Alpha Space in Chicago. It was apart of This.That.&The lll weekly event where they have new sponsors every Thursday.

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