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How to prepare your business for if Facebook and Instagram shuts down again
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Did you wake up yesterday to post or check status updates only to find an error message? At first you may have thought you needed to update your app or refresh your feed. But no! Globally, Facebook and Instagram were both shut down for hours. This brings us to the point of how to prepare your business if this happens again. What would you have done if you lost all of your followers and no way to connect with your audience? If you don’t the answer then continue reading.

Yes followers are great, but the best way to be prepared for another shutdown is to SECURE THE DATA. A great way to gather data is by having an email list. Think of when you visit a brands website and within seconds theres a pop up asking for your email. In exchange for your email they provide a discount or any other special promotion. You can do the same with you brand. The goal is to turn your followers into subscribers. If a shutdown was to happen again you can have access to their data.

Below are 4 email marketing softwares for you to start SECURING THE DATA:


MailChimp is personally my favorite on this list. It’s FREE when you have under 2,000 subscribers, user friendly, and comes equipped with tools and resources for small to large size businesses.

2.Constant Contact

If your goal is to create easy email marketing campaigns, and fast then give Constant Contact a try. Need more convincing? See how it works here.


ActiveCampaign is for more than just email marketing. Its platform can also used as a CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) tool that provides customer feedback in realtime. If you have a E-commerce brand it also connects with Shopify along with other popular apps.


ConvertKit is ideal for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs who work on their passions full-time. Which is why their platform comes with a price tag of a minimum of $29 per month. There’s also free 14 day trial period.

Event Recap: Media Girls On Tour Chicago

It's always fun to attend networking events to meet new industry professionals, sip cocktails network. This past weekend the Bomb and Bossy team went to Media Girls On Tour, Chicago edition and it was AMAZING!


The event was held at Salon Lokei and featured vendors and a panel of media professionals including Charmaine Johnise of Black Ink Crew Chicago and Power 92, Bree Specific, Candid Candace of Chicago Tribune, Jade Lucas of 106.3, Samantha Calendar of Essence Magazine, Maha Gorgi of Power 92, Mika Stambaugh of The Mas Ink , and Bria Fachon of Power 92.  


Conversations ranged from what to expect while working in the media industry, balancing family, social media overload, and how to know when to take a break. Each panelist was able to speak to each question based on their level of experience but they all had one thing in common, knowledge and insight to give to attendees.

It was amazing being in a room filled with so many talented media professionals and we wanted to share some of our key takeaways from the panel. When asked about what to expect when working in media, most of them mentioned to know when to turn your emotions off. In some industries it can be easy to hide your emotions but when you're interacting with an audience who either see your face or hear your voice your must leave your problems at the door.

Event Vendor -

Event Vendor -

Another good point mentioned was knowing when to allow time for yourself. This can mean adding self care practices into your daily routine which can include, meditation, social media breaks, or taking moments to simply be present to enjoy what's going on around you. 

If you're new to the industry and wanted to learn from a professional it was suggested to seek out a mentor. If you can't physically find a mentor near you, follow them on social media, mimic the things they do, attend the same events as them, or simply contact them to let them know you're in interested having him/her as your mentor. 

Event Vendor - Tasteful Thoughts 

Event Vendor - Tasteful Thoughts 

Overall there was loads of great advice, tips, and suggestions for how to make in the media industry. We would like to thank Blogging Beauties Networking for having the Bomb and Bossy team apart of your event. If you are interested in Media Girls On Tour and would like to know if they are coming to a city near year keep up them on social media here. 

Instagram / @BellaBianca 

Instagram / @BellaBianca 

IGTV: 3 Things you need to know about Instagram's new update


As soon as we get comfortable with an update here comes Instagram dropping yet another update. The newest update to be release is called IGTV. 

IGTV is a new app for creating and watching long-form videos. Instagram was inspired most by Youtube but they also adopted some features from SnapChat. A great thing about this app you can also watch it from within the Instagram App or in the IGTV app.

One of the first things you should know about IGTV is that it only allows you to record vertically. If you've been recording videos from Instagram stories then you should be familiar with recording from this perspective. Recording vertically also allows our videos to be more user friendly and it makes us fill more engaged. 

A second thing you should know is that based on the amount of followers you have, you can record videos up to hour. If you have a an account under 10,000 you can only post videos that are no more than 10 minutes in length.  

Thirdly, you can add cool cover images to your videos to draw more attention to your content. When creating these covers, make sure you be creative. This includes putting the title of your video on the image or adding cool emoji's of drawn art. The more creative your cover image the more views you can gain.

There's no surprise that video is currently dominating our social media feeds. Instagram is constantly rising everyday and with this update it shows no signs of slowing down. If you need a digital marketing expert to help with your IGTV, contact someone today from the Bomb and Bossy team.